The Carlsbad Movers
is a local moving company serving the San Diego Area

Our core policy is to be honest and upfront.We treat your belongings with the same level of respect we would like to be given. We guarantee our movers will be prompt, polite, and professional at every step of the way.

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You can count on us to carry your belongings and to keep your trust.

Because when you choose one of the top rated cross country moversyou know with certainty that more than a few of your favorite things will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

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Moving quotes

As opposed to abstract quotes and guesses on cost we will provide you with exact guaranteed pricing so you know exactly what it will cost to move. Now it may not be the number you want to hear but it will be the real final price.

Cheap movers are just that

And often times the cheap option ends up costing a lot in the end. Cheap companies will nickel and dime you to death because they believe clients are like paper plates.

Our model is transparency

We strive to make sure that you know exactly what to expect. This is why all of our customers are happy to choose us and this is why everyone says The Carlsbad Movers are the best long distance moving company.Because when you ask we deliver.

  • Long distance moving

    Moving to the other California? We deilver anywhere from Los Angeles to Eureka. Yes we even drive to Tahoe. Pick a city, if we can find an In n Out within a hundred miles we deliver.

  • Cross country movers

    Moving to Vegas? Done. Chicago? Sure. New York? Forget about it! You point us in the right direction and we get you there.

  • Full Service

    Loading and unloading. Disasembly and reassembly. We bring a clean truck and a friendly crew and do all the stuff you don't want to so you can do what you really want.

  • Professional movers

    As a trusted moving company we understand that you don’t just need day laborers to come and throw some boxes around. You deserve more than just a ragtag bunch of movers who show up on move day with muddy boots and gruff attitudes. You need a long distance mover who has an A team of all stars to walk you each step of the way.

  • Planning

    We will provide you with an exact step by step plan so you can take a breath, relax and know with confidence this will all be great.

  • Security

    This is what you really want. And this is exactly what’s guaranteed when you pick up the phone and call. Now we can’t promise you that moving is easy, but you should know that with us it will be as good as moving from San Diego can be.

Please tell us what you need