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Moving as easy as 1, 2, 3

How do you hire movers and make sure that the move goes well and the movers you hired are the best movers for you? In 4 simple steps one after the other.

  • Moving quote step 1

    In order to provide you with a moving quote we need to know what will be going on the moving truck. The more detail we have of what will be moving the greater the accuracy of your quote. The best way to get a quote will be for you to put in your contact info below and allow us a few minutes to speak with you.

  • Moving quote step 2

    Your long distance moving agent will call you and discuss the details of your move and provide you with an estimate based on the contents of your home. We can provide you with whatever level of service you require which within reason. Amongst the things we are happy to handle for you are piano moving, auto transport, moving pool tables, and moving safes. If you are a business owner we also handle commercial moving and can put together a cross country moving package for you and your employees.

  • Moving quote step 3

    What’s the next step once you have a moving quote? As long as this estimate is something that you feel is reasonable and you can see yourself working with us then the next step is to get an in home estimate. Why get on site estimate?

  • Moving quote step 4

    Because our primary desire is for you to be happy with your move, we perform in home estimates whenever possible. In general we only perform in home estimate for moves of a certain size. Without an in home estimate you never know exactly what your move will actually cost. The benefit of getting an in home estimate is that you will have a guaranteed price for your move. According to the Department of Transportation it is in your best interest to only use a moving company who can provide you with an in home estimate and as movers who have been in the moving business for a long time we couldn’t agree more.

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