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Professional packing service

Knowing how to pack is a skill many pride themselves on. And now when you think about it you can picture how you want each box packed. So if you are like most folks you probably want to pack your own boxes. Go for it. We will handle all the loading and unloading of every last box you pack. And what about packing furniture? Well it's a simple enought skill to learn to do Actually doing it is a lot of work, and because we know it needs to be done right we will do the big stuff for you. We send out moving pads and wrap all of your furniture and unboxed items so that they stay safe and secure on your moving truck.

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Loading by movers

Loading all of the items from a house can take a long time, and if you don’t know how its not easy. Plus carrying all those heavy items is a good way to get a hernia, or slip a disc. Because we have moved thousands and thousands of people just like you, we know exactly how to load a moving truck. And because our movers are taken care by our family business your moving team is a crew of strong young men who look at moving houses like another day in the gym. Our movers are fully covered by an extensive insurance plan and we cover the costs of personal training and a healthy meal plan for our teams so that we know that any task which needs doing is one our team is ready to handle with ease. We all the tools and know how to stack the truck perfectly and make sure your items are locked in place before your shipment hits the road.

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House set up by movers

When your moving truck arrives at your new home with all of your items the same moving team you met in San Diego will greet you and welcome you home. Each and every item will be carefully unloaded and checked off on the itemized inventory the logistics team makes for you. That way you know with 100% certainty that everything has been delivered. Once everything is off the truck the team will assemble any items which need assembly. Every last lamp, box, and picture will go in its proper place so that you and your family will feel at home from day one.

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